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MSC Entrance Preparation Question | TU MSC Entrance Model Question

MSC Entrance Preparation Question | MSC Entrance Model Question

Dotnepal presents its collection of Old Question papers for those who are in need for preparation of MSC Entrance. The questions will help students with possible questions asked in Entrance preparation exams. Feel free to download and make suggestions. Thank you.

Download MSC Entrance Preparation questions for free.

MSC Entrance Preparation 100 Questions


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MSC entrance preparation 1

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MSC entrance preparation 2

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MSC entrance preparation 3

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MSC entrance preparation 4

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MSC entrance preparation 5

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MSC entrance preparation 6

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MSC entrance preparation 7

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MSC entrance preparation 8

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MSC entrance preparation 9

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MSC entrance preparation 10

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MSC entrance preparation 11

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MSC entrance preparation answers

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Nepal Army Welfare Fund Vacancy 2076 | Doctor, Pharmacist, Accountant, Professor, Driver, Assistant | Government Job in Nepal

Nepal Army Welfare Fund Vacancy 2076 | Doctor, Pharmacist, Accountant, Professor, Driver, Assistant | Government Job in Nepal

Nepal Army Welfare Fund is looking for qualified candidates for the following positions

Nepal Army Welfare Fund Vacancy

Qualified and interested candidates can apply for the post.

Nepal Army Welfare Fund Vacancy | Government Jobs in Nepal


Contact Now>Apply Online
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Nepal Army Welfare Fund Vacancy 2076 | Job Details

Deadline: 20 Chaitra 2076
Contact Nepal Army Jungi Adda, Kathmandu for Application with documents

Time Left To Apply

Download Syllabus

· General Paper for all - Open

· General Paper for all - Internal

· Account Officer( लेखा अधिकृत ) (NEW)

· Account Officer( लेखा अधिकृत ) - Internal

· Aeronautical Engineer (एरोनोटिक्स ईन्जिनियर )

· Arament Internal

· Architectural Engineer (आर्किटेकचरल ईन्जिनियर )

· Audiologist & Speech Language Pathologist

· Automobile Engineer( अटोमोबाईल ईन्जिनियर )

· Bio Medical

· Civil Engineer (सिभिल ईन्जिनियर )

· Clinical Psychlogist

· Computer Engineer( कम्प्यूटर ईन्जिनियर )

· Dental Doctor (दन्त चिकित्सक)

· Dietician

· Electronics & Communication Engineer(ईलेक्ट्रोनिक एण्ड कम्युनिकेसन ईन्जिनियर)

· Hygiene and Sanitation Specialist

· Legal Officer (प्राड विविध एेन ) (NEW)

· Librarian (लाइब्रेरियन )

· MBBS Doctor( एम.बि.बि.एस. डाक्टर )

· Medical Lab Technologist

· Mechanical Engineer( मेकानिकल ईन्जिनियर )

· Nurse( सैनिक उपचारीका )

· Optometrist

· Physiotherapist( फिजिओथेरापिस्ट )

· Pilot Officer( पाईलट अधिकृत ) (NEW)

· Prachar Prasar

· Radiographer (NEW)

· Survey Engineer( सर्भे अधिकृत ) (NEW)

· Sainik Band

· Veterinary Doctor( भेटेरीनरी डाक्टर )

· Chemical Engineer (NEW)

· Chemist (NEW)

· Electrical Engineer (NEW)

· Press(छापाखाना) Officer (NEW)

· Occupational Therapist (NEW)

· प्रा.उ.से. सम्पादन / Film /Video Editor (NEW)

· प्रा.उ.से. रेडियो तथा प्रकाशन (खुला) (NEW)

· प्रा.उ.से. Still Photography (खुला) (NEW)

· प्रा.उ.से. ब्रास व्याण्ड (NEW)
· Architecture Draftman 'B' Grade

· Orchestra 'B' Grade

· Bigular 'B' Grade

· Cameramen 'B' Grade

· Press(छापाखाना) 'B' Grade

· Computer 'B' Grade

· DrumMajar 'B' Grade

· Karyakaram Upa Nirdeshak 'B' Grade

· PipeMajar 'B' Grade

· PradBiwak 'B' Grade

· Program Producer video cameraman 'B' Grade

· Sambhar Samuha 'B' Grade

· Sampadan 'B' Grade

· Still Photography 'B' Grade

· Textile Engineering 'B' Grade

· WebMaster 'B' Grade

· Mul Pandit(पण्डित) 'B' Grade (NEW)

· प्रा. उ. से अपरेशन डिस्प्याचर ( आन्तरिक) 'B' Grade (NEW)

· प्रा.उ.से.डेण्टल (आन्तरिक) (NEW)

· प्रा.उ.से. सैनिक उपचारिका (आन्तरिक) (NEW)

Syllabus for Sainya



Syllabus for Officer Cadet ( खुला∕आन्तरिक )

Syllabus for Technical Seargent



Syllabus for Technical Corporal



Syllabus Class Based



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Orient College Vacancy | Teaching and Administrative Staffs Job

Orient College Vacancy | Teaching and Administrative Staffs Job

Orient College has been a popular name among parents and students in a very short span of time. This college is run by a well known team of educationists, academicians, eminent book writers, social workers and scholars who have professional experience and dedication. Due to the dedication of its associate, Orient is gradually fronting to the limelight with its motto, “Education for Excellence” in words and spirit. Orient family is committed in maintaining academic ethos in brining out the potential of Nepalese youth to shoulder the process of nation building, to meet the nation’s requirement and to compete globally in diverse arena.

Orient College houses different blocks for different academic programmes:Science, Management and Humanities under NEB, and BA/BSW and BBS programmes under TU. The Cambridge Block runs AS and A Level programmes under Cambridge University, UK. The team of dedicated professionals and faculties being distinctly renowned for their achievements in their specialization fields, leave no stone unturned to give a concrete shape in the best possible blueprint to fluid state of different level graduates.

Our wider range of optional subjects to choose in different levels, including the practical and popular subject areas like Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism, Mass Communication and Computer Science, prepare the students in the global basis for the challenges in the century.

Orient College invites application for the following posts from Nepalese citizens.
Qualified and interested candidates can apply for the post.

Orient College Vacancy


View Vacancy Notice
Orient College Vacancy

Orient College Vacancy

Deadline: 12 Chaitra 2076

Time Left To Apply

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