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Nepal Police Jawan Vacancy | Sipahi jobs for 5227 Vacant Posts

Nepal Police Jawan Vacancy | Sipahi jobs for 5227 Vacant Posts

Nepal Police Headquarters, invites applications for altogether 5227 vacant posts. As of today, the vacancy published on 2077.6.30. Nepal Police has announced vacancy for 5227 Jawan posts. Interested candidates can submit their applications from the All Pradesh Training Centers, District Police Office, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur Police Offices.

Nepal Police Jawan Vacancy 2075 : 5227 Posts

Nepal police jawan vacancy 2077

Nepal police sipahi vacancy 2077

Nepal Police Jawan Qualification/ Requirements


Nepal Police Jawan Age


Nepal Police Jawan Required Documents

  • Nepalese citizen
  • Class 8 complete
  • Not a member of any political party
  • Not a member of terrorist organization
  • Height: at least 5 feet 2 inch for males and 5 inch for females
  • Age: 18-23 years


Nepal Police Jawan Exam Syllabus

Click the following link to download A PDF File

Nepal Police Jawan Form Download

Click the Following Link to Download a PDF File.

Nepal Police Inspector and Sub Inspector Vacancy Notice Download

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Time Left To Apply

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Joint Secretary Question 2076 | Dimensions of Administrative Systems

Joint Secretary Question 2076 | Dimensions of Administrative Systems

Dotnepal presents Public Service Commission questions for those who are in need for their preparation of Section Officer, Nasu, Kharidar and Technical Officer exams both in Loksewa and different institutions. Joint Secretary, Gazetted first class officer question for non-technical post is useful for you to analyze the trends of questions asked by PSC. The exam for the post was held in 2076.09.04.

Joint Secretary Question

PostPaperDownload PDF
Joint SecretaryDimensions of Administrative Systems

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Joint Secretary Vacancy 2077 | Technical and Non Technical Jobs

Joint Secretary Vacancy 2077 | First Class Officer Job in Nepal

Public Service Commission, Nepal is a constitution body which is the one and the only institution to hire government personnel in Nepal. Without the consent of PSC, even the government cannot hire manpower in the permanent basis. It conducts competitive examinations for Kharidar, Nasu, Section Officer, Under secretary, joint secretary and many other position in which government pays pension. PSC recently announces vacancy for the post of
1. Joint Secretary (Justice, Audit, Administration)

Due of COVID-19 pandemic, PSC has halted all the recruitment processes. Despite the pandemic, PSC recently announces vacancy for the first class and second class officers.

PSC invites application for the following posts from Nepalese citizens.
Qualified and interested candidates can apply for the post.

Joint Secretary Vacancy | Government Job in Nepal


View Vacancy Notice
Joint Secretary Vacancy 2077

Sa Sachib Vacancy

Deadline: 17 Kartik 2077
Apply for the above mentioned posts through the given link

Job TitleSyllabusApply Online

Joint Secretary

Time Left To Apply

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